Entry into Ukraine for citizens of different countries is regulated in different ways. Entry for citizens of the European Union, CIS and some other countries is carried out without a visa. At the same time, the period of stay in Ukraine is limited to 90 days, for 180 days.
There are three main types of visas: transit visa - denoted by the letter "B"
short-term visa - denoted by the letter "C"
long-term visa to Ukraine - the letter "D"
Citizens of all other countries enter Ukraine on the basis of visas issued in the relevant consulates. However, there are features here:
1. Citizens of countries listed below can get a short-term visa without an invitation issued in OVIR. For all other countries, an invitation is required(Australia, Albania, Guatemala, Qatar, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Turkey).
2. For citizens of countries - suppliers of potential illegal migrants (countries of migration risk are listed below), visas are issued only after agreement with the Security Service of Ukraine.
3. Citizens of all other countries visas are issued on a general basis, i.e. in the presence of the corresponding invitation.