Reefsuites: Inside Australia’s first underwater hotel on the Great Barrier Reef

Reefsuites: Inside Australia’s first underwater hotel on the Great Barrier Reef

A new $10 million floating hotel on the Great Barrier Reef lets tourists sleep with the fishes offering Australia’s first underwater suites.

The luxury reefsuites at Hardy Reef, officially open, and are set to be a “game changer” for the local tourism industry, says Tourism Minister Kate Jones.

The two exclusive suites sit four metres below the surface, with just three inches of glass separating guests from the reef life outside. At night, outside lights illuminate the surrounding waters for a rare look at what happens after dark.

Fitted with floor to ceiling windows and ensuites, there is no Wi-Fi or phone signal if digital detox is your thing.

Developed by Cruise Whitsundays and the Queensland Government, the project began in 2017 when the pontoon was being reconstructed after damage from Cyclone Debbie.

“We are extremely privileged to have access to such a truly breathtaking and remote part of Australia and to provide both local and international guests the chance to gain a deeper appreciation of our wonderful Great Barrier Reef,” says Luke Walker, from Journey Beyond, the parent company of Cruise Whitsundays.

A stay at the reef will set you back $799 per person and includes transfers, water activities, meals and drinks.
There is also an option for guests to glamp under the stars with the roof of the pontoon set up to accommodate a dozen queen beds in custom-built canvas canopies.

“This will be one of the most iconic tourism experiences in Australia,” says Minister Kate Jones.

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