Emigration to Canada is an opportunity to get all the best from life: social security, a wonderful environment, prestigious and reputable educational institutions of Canada that have proved themselves from the best side, great opportunities that open up for professionals in their field.

Social security is at the proper level. The government has developed various programs that allow both residents of the country and visitors, including refugees, to feel full social security and state support. Each defines for himself a program according to which it is possible to go to Canada - be it work, study or entrepreneurship (investment).

Rate your chances

Initially, what needs to be done is to calculate your prospects for leaving the country. There are criteria by which each person is evaluated and the number of points that must be earned in order to get permission to come to Canada. Particular attention in assessing the chances of departure is drawn to (a visa can be obtained when recruiting 67-100 points):

- Education - takes into account a complete, completed education with a diploma or certificate and the degree received. Those. the student should have been in the classroom for at least 15 hours / week (maximum 25 points).

- Work - according to the specialty in the list, it is necessary to work at least 1 year over the past 10 years, while the functional responsibilities for this specialty must correspond to those performed (21 points).

- Knowledge of foreign languages - English and French are recognized as official languages in Canada. Here, the degree of proficiency at the level of speaking, reading, writing and understanding of the interlocutor is of interest. If you know any of the listed languages better, then it is preferable to indicate it during the evaluation (the highest score is 24).

- Age - the most optimal is within 21 - 49 years (the highest score is 10), if you are under 21 or already 49 years old, you will receive 2 points for each missing or extra year, respectively.

- Challenge to work - except for the official, other invitations are not considered. Work must be on an ongoing basis, work on a temporary work visa is also equal to a job invitation (maximum 10 points).

- The remaining factors (at most that you can score - 10 points) are additional, but without a doubt, positively influencing the emigration to Canada - the presence of a registered marriage (living together with a partner), immediate relatives (parents, children, grandchildren, grandmothers and grandfathers). , and besides this, uncles and aunts relatives) recognized as immigrants or citizens of Canada. In addition, the education of your spouse or partner and your training will also play into your hands.


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