Direct train from Amsterdam to London is going to happen soon

Direct train from Amsterdam to London is going to happen soon

Yes, you read that correct! Very soon, there will be a direct train service from Amsterdam to London. As per reports, Eurostar, a big shot train operator in Europe, will be providing this service. Before this, a non-stop train service was available from the UK capital to the Netherlands. However, the problem occured when red tape at the border did not allow passengers travelling back the same way. Passengers had to suffer because of this as security and passports were involved.

But this time, Eurostar has constructed a building at the Amsterdam Centraal station, where passengers will be able to get through all the required checks before boarding the direct train. The train would stop at Rotterdam, Brussels, Lille and London St Pancras. The train has been through a number of tests and previews, and is now all set to be launched officially on 30 April 2020. The same service will be offered from Rotterdam starting 18 May, 2020.

According to service operator’s Chief Executive Mike Cooper, the direct train will be a competitive alternative to air travel. Referring to this, he said, ”We think it’s going to be a hugely credible alternative to flying and a sustainable alternative to flying as well.“

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said, “The days of passengers being forced to decamp from the train at Brussels to file through passport control will soon be over, as we look forward to direct, return, high-speed services to Amsterdam and beyond.”

Quick facts:

Cost: One way ticket £35 (INR 3238).

Duration: 4 Hours and 9 Minutes.

Number of trains: 2 (One in the morning, departing at 7:48 AM and arriving at 10:57 AM) and the second in the evening (departing at 6:48 PM and arriving at 9:57 PM).

Frequency: Monday to Friday, (Saturdays only morning service will be available, whereas on Sundays, only the evening service will be available).

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